Blogposts and Cocktail Conversation

Last Friday night a dear friend approached me and expressed concern regarding this here little blog. "It’s not edgy enough. It’s not you enough," she said. I understood completely what she meant. She wanted to read something a little more Sedaris-y, and a little less W. D. Deli PR-y. I’ll try to do better. It may require some serious soul searching. It may require a lot more thought and a considerable amount of head scratching. But I’ll try.

But, Gentle Reader, be aware that one’s blogposts may not be as easy and breezy and witty as one’s cocktail conversation. Over a few margaritas, I might be able to regale you with a semi-bitchy and totally clever critique of the wardrobe choices of the woman a couple of tables over. That’s cocktail conversation. The kind that I am seemingly genetically wired for. But blogging is different.

Mr. Bobo wishes to amuse the reader, but not at the expense of, well, anyone. At least that’s how I feel now. I shared all of this information with Dear Courtney, who wisely observed, "Well. It’s a baby blog." Thanks, Courtney. There’s room for lots of growth. There’ll be (no doubt) many opportunities for me to write things that will secure my spot in the Foot-In-The-Mouth Hall Of Fame.

Like the other day when I was talking to customers in line at the deli. One of the regular guys was introducing me to his friends. "Mike, this is Scott Mowery." "Nice to meet you, Scott. Mowery. Mowery? Are you related to Kristine Mowery?" Mr. Mowery’s facial expression changed from a smile to something completely different. "She’s my ex-wife. Does she come in here all the time?"


  1. Oh my goodness. Well, all I can say is welcome to my world. Who knew that the wide worlds of deli and divorce could be so similar.

  2. It's YOUR blog baby. Make it what you want.


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