What did YOU do for spring break?

Ah. Spring break.

With the deli’s proximity to not one but three spring break destinations, it’s been a special week for us. The San Antonio Zoo, Witte Museum, and Kiddie Park are all in spittin’ distance. That means that we’ve had the pleasure of seeing whole families come into the W. D. Deli this week - a lot of them were first-timers - folks we’ve never seen before! We are always excited to see new customers and introduce them to this great old house and some of the delicious stuff our staff makes from scratch everyday. As our sign by the front door says, we hope that they’ll "Enter As Strangers & Leave As Friends."

We started our spring break week Monday morning with an early bird couple visiting San Antonio all the way from Ontario. Throughout the week we had a steady stream of moms and dads and grandmas and grandpas and the most beautiful children we’ve ever seen. We served so many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that we ran out of grape jelly and had to get into the baker’s supply of raspberry preserves! Just between us, we got to see great parents using their trips to the deli as opportunities to teach about manners, about the dining out experience. We are always in awe of such parents, nurturing and guiding their children in a very thoughtful and deliberate way. On the other hand, we also got to see some parents who were able to "tune out" the kids completely. Their children enjoyed they toy value of their food, and usually left a table that resembled a small war-torn country. Nevertheless, it was a fun week, and we enjoyed them all.

Some of us had the pleasure of family members visiting for spring break. We got to enjoy some of the things that we sometimes take for granted in San Antonio: the wonderful weather, leisurely strolls on the riverwalk, incredible Mexican food, amazing margaritas, Luminaria - so many things. And getting to see and experience our wonderful city with family and friends who don’t live here, we get to see with fresh eyes, enjoying the company of people we love in the city we love. Now that spring break is ending we’re starting to feel kind of "empty nest" about the whole thing. But that’ll soon pass - Fiesta’s right around the corner!


  1. great stuff, mr. bobo. sorry we weren't able to make it over, but from this side of mulberry, it is very hard to make it there, especially with the crazy traffic.

    i hear what you are saying about kiddos. we generally let sophie go wild in terms of her eating because she already wants to be a "big" girl and feed herself, but we also always clean up her mess in front of her so she knows that someone has to do it, even if she isn't the one to do it at this point in her life.

    as a waiter, i remember having to clean up after people, especially after lobster special night at the restaurant i worked, and it bothered me to no end how messy people are when you know they would never in a million years be that messy in their own home.

  2. Thanks, Dave. Sorry we missed you guys this week. The construction on Mulberry is driving us crazy, too. And now Broadway?!

  3. I want to be one of those family members that come for a visit. It has been 15 years since we were there last. I would love to bring the girls.


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