Mr. Beers and Mr. Bobo were invited to a pot luck Sunday brunch not too long ago. Some of the guests brought really tasty and beautiful foodie type stuff. Stuff with sun-dried tomatoes and goat cheese. Really good stuff.  We enjoyed the great food and the wonderful people in attendance. Mr. Bobo and Mr. Beers contributed a fruit salad and some monkey bread. Mr. Bobo had never made monkey bread, but he had heard about it, and wanted to give it a shot. It was fun to make. It smelled delicious while it was cooking. And people seemed to like it.

Here’s how we made it.

Gather up these ingredients: A bundt cake pan, a couple of cans of biscuits, some sugar, some margarine, and some cinnamon. You can also choose to add pecans and/or raisins. I decided to throw some mini-marshmallows in there...

Melt some margarine in the microwave. (I used a pound.) Once the butter is melted add some sugar (I used about a cup.) and some cinnamon (I used about a fourth of a cup.). Stir these three ingredients together. Take the canned biscuits and tear each biscuit into four or five pieces and then toss the biscuit pieces into the margarine/sugar/cinnamon mixture.

Use a spoon to fish the coated biscuit pieces out of the mixture and place them into the bundt pan that you have previously coated with some non-stick spray. This is a good time to throw those optional ingredients (nuts and stuff) if you want...

Once you’re done, put that puppy in the oven (preheated to 350 degrees) for about 20 to 25 minutes. Now it’s time to take your delicious monkey bread out of the oven and enjoy!

Oh. Here’s another little option. Because we have the luxury of being at the amazing W. D. Deli, I was able to warm up some cream cheese frosting and drizzle it all over the place. Pretty good stuff. In fact, the adorable Jo Ana tried it and said, "That’s so good. It makes you happy."


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