That song reminds me of...

Whenever I hear Diana Ross & The Supremes singing "I Hear A Symphony" it always reminds me of my cousin Kathy. She had the LP and I can still remember the album cover - a black and white photograph of the girls with a light blue wash over it.

"Ride Captain Ride" by Blues Image always reminds me of my cousin Carol. So does Neil Diamond’s "Cracklin’ Rosie." I’m not sure why, but both those songs take me back to our junior high days when Aunt Helen and Uncle Hollis lived on Larkspur Lane.

I like to think of my life as having its own soundtrack. My earliest memories of hearing recorded music are the songs of Fats Domino and The Platters. My parents were in their twenties and they played these records a lot. I have a great musical memory of being at an art show in Little Rock when I was in my twenties - the soundtrack for that night was Billie Holiday.

I’m sure this happens to you, too. You’re in a store or a restaurant or anywhere and a song comes on that takes you to a time and a place, or maybe it just reminds you of a particular person. Basia always makes me think of Jody, and Grace Jones brings Ramona to mind.

I think I’ll put on some music now. And maybe make a batch of margaritas.


  1. Joan Armatrading reminds me of you.

  2. @ Jenifer - Certain Linda Ronstadt songs are yours, certainly anything with great harmonies...


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