Happy Hour Lies

Mr. Bobo and Mr. Beers are big fans of Sunday Funday. Sunday is our favorite day of the week.  It’s a day to sleep a little later. It’s a day to have a latte from Olmos Perk and a Torres Taco from Taco Haven. Sunday’s a day to slow down and pass the various sections of the New York Times back and forth for leisurely reading. Some Sundays there’s church. Sometimes there’s shopping. And sometimes on Sunday afternoon there’s a trip to a local watering hole for Happy Hour. Pegasus is the usual Sunday afternoon spot. The drinks are cheap and strong. The crowd is friendly and fun.

One Sunday a couple of weeks ago we found ourselves at Pegasus enjoying a refreshing adult beverage when a young man approached us and said, “I just heard that you guys got married.  Congratulations! I’d like to buy you both a drink.” We introduced ourselves and gladly accepted the young man’s gracious congratulations and the cocktails.

We’ll say that this young man’s name was, uh, Lance. We thanked Lance for the drinks and talked with him for a while. Lance explained that he was a second year medical student who was hoping to specialize in radiology. We introduced Lance to some friends and included him in our conversations. When pop culture references came up, Lance would say, “Who’s that?” or “What’s that?” He explained that he did not watch television because medical school studies require the majority of his time, energy, and focus.

We left Pegasus that evening talking about the nice young man we had met. A day or two later I got a friend request from Lance on facebook. “How sweet,” I thought. I confirmed Lance as a friend, and then I was a little perplexed. This facebook business didn’t seem to mesh with his comments about being consumed by his studies at medical school. The questions in my mind found answers when I looked more closely at Lance’s information on facebook.

His facebook profile revealed that Lance is not a medical student. His postings indicated that he works in retail sales at a shop in La Cantera. And Lance The Liar knows enough about pop culture to be a fan of Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Modern Family, and lots more.

There’s a lesson there, boys and girls. If you’re out on the town, and you decide to create an alternate reality for yourself and sell it as the truth, do NOT friend the folks to whom you sold your story. There’s another lesson, too, I think.  It may be easy to lie to people. It may even be fun sometimes. But it’s also fun and fairly easy to use social networks and search engines to dismantle the medical school fantasies that someone may have constructed for himself. Anyway. Let's plan on getting together this weekend for Sunday Funday. You never know who you'll run into...


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