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On our most recent trip to New York City, Mr. Beers and I enjoyed a Saturday morning at the Chelsea Garage Flea Market. We had been to this same flea market on previous trips to the city, so we knew what we were in for.  Vintage EVERYTHING. Mr. Beers enjoys looking at lots of different things - clothes, furniture (especially chairs - I am quite positive that he has a chair fetish), old signs, paintings, old maps, home decor strangeness...  I usually zero in on the boxes of old photographs.

The photographs of somebody else’s relatives in pictures in which they were creating memories of special times and events in their lives that I have no connection to.  No connection other than the fact that we are all human, and a lot of the things that we consider remarkable don’t vary a lot from person to person.

I like it when friends post old photographs on facebook.  My friend Becky Garrett Steele has posted some great ones of family and friends, going back generations. Beautiful pictures of people enjoying each others' company at parades, picnics, birthday parties...

I bought a few photos at the Chelsea Garage Flea Market that day.  Here. I’ll share them with you now.  You can write your own captions.

An image of a young couple at the beach.  Another of a young man enjoying an ice cold beverage. A portrait of a moody yet dapper gentleman.  One guy sharing some information, some discovery with another guy.  I enjoy looking at these photos, imagining the back story, or the front story, or some story.  Was she happy here?  Had someone told him to look off to the side for effect?


  1. oh wow! these are so cool...I have real good pics of Cuba n me and my family I just dont know how to upload them...but I know you would love them they are from the 30ties, fourtyies n fifties and they are very cool...


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