We are looking forward to a great Fiesta 2012! And just in time, too.  The San Antonio Convention and Visitors Bureau website tells us that Fiesta 2012 officially starts tomorrow!  It’s that time again.  Time to try - however hard it may be - to pace ourselves so that we can enjoy the next ten or eleven days....

If our past Fiesta experiences have taught us anything, it’s that we can’t do it all.  It’s not humanly possible.  There are so many events on the schedule every day.  We have a lot of friends who take off work several days so that they can “work it” during Fiesta.  

One of the many, many wonderful things we love about this time of year is getting to run into friends - old and new - all over town at all kinds of events.  Usually at NIOSA, Mr. Beers and I will get to reconnect with folks we may not have seen since last Fiesta.  At other Fiesta events we may get to meet folks from out of town and enjoy their company over a couple of beers in plastic cups...

A long time ago, the year Mr. Bobo moved to San Antonio, it was June.  Fiesta had been over for a month or two, but people were still talking about it.  I had almost a whole year to look forward to my first Fiesta in my new hometown.  If this is your first Fiesta, Gentle Reader, have fun.  And if you can’t be here for Fiesta this year, think about making plans to come to San Antonio next April.  



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