Getting Things Done

Mookie sunning herself this past Saturday.

This past weekend Mr. Beers and Mr. Bobo each made a personal To-Do list. That’s nothing new for Mr. Beers. His lists are legendary. Wayne enjoys making the lists,  as well as doing things on the list, and then showing me the list in progress... Generally speaking, lists are great tools that help keep us focused when we have more than one less-than-fun task or chore to accomplish. Lists have helped people stay on track for ages - but just here lately some of Mr. Beers favorite discoveries about his fancy android phone and his even fancier iPad were that there are newfangled ways to make those precious lists! Mr. Bobo, on the other hand,  is not so enthusiastic about lists. While Mr. Beers enjoys checking things off his lists and feeling the sense of success of getting things done (snide superiority), I need my simple crazy handwritten little list just to keep me from forgetting to go to the dry cleaners. This weekend I was able to remember - with the help of a list - to take out the garbage and get some laundry done. Mr. Beers got a lot more things done, including planting these pretty pink petunias in our backyard:

Whether or not I am able to check things off my list, most days I am oh so grateful for the great life that I enjoy. You, Gentle Reader, may read that sentence and think yeah, sure, what.ever. But it’s true. I get to wake up every morning next to someone that I’m very happy to be spending my life with in a comfortable house that’s pretty cool in a great old neighborhood with just the right combination of amazing  and crazy people in a city of many, many charms. Everyday I get to go to work at a really neat place and I get to see and interact with some wonderful people. Life is good.

That’s most days. But today I woke up and started moving these old bones around the house and eventually turned on the TV to see what Ann and Matt and Al were up to. And it was then that I learned a couple of things that made me think that we may indeed be reaching The End Of Times. The first image that came into view on the Vizio was an interview between Matt Lauer and Sarah Palin (!). In the course of the interview, Matt told us all that Sarah Palin (!) was there to be a guest co-host of the Today show. That might have been unsettling enough. I left the TV to start my getting ready for work process, and came back to it to find out that Carnie Wilson has decided to undergo a second gastric bypass surgery. Apparently the universe was upset enough with all this nonsense to introduce some pretty powerful tornadoes into the mix. In Dallas / Ft. Worth tornadoes blew through and juggled tractor-trailers in the air as if they were ping pong balls. This evening on TV and on the internet we saw devastation. Our thoughts and prayers are with those people affected.


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