Elvis was my roomie!

This afternoon, just about closing time, an older couple walked into W. D. Deli ready to have a nice, relaxing, late lunch.  It was 4:54 p.m.  They had been down the road at Cavender Cadillac, and when they told the folks at the car dealership that they were going to go look for something good to eat - Those nice people sent them to us!  Sweet people - and that is really just about the best kind of advertising you can hope for - that the people who are your customers feel good enough about what you do to recommend it to others. 

So this nice couple decided to give us a shot and they came on in.  They walked in and looked around - casing the joint, checking out the menu - you get the idea.  Eventually something must have made them feel comfortable enough to stay and order and eat at the deli.  They were kind of quiet, but as they got up to leave the wife looked over at me and gave me a friendly wave and said that the food was “real good.”  As her husband walked up beside her, he pointed to the collection of commemorative and souvenir plates that cover some of the walls at W. D. Deli.

“I see you’ve got my old roommate’s picture up here,” he said.  “Really?” I asked.  “Yep.”  He pointed directly to the plate with Elvis Presley’s image on it.  “When I was in the service, Elvis was my roommate.” He paused for just a second and then added, “He was a really nice guy.” 


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