I can't complain.

Today Mr. Bobo is trying to catch up on a few chores around the casa. We got home from a little vacation this past Tuesday night, and I can happily admit to you that we are very nearly almost completely unpacked and put away... Today I am doing a few loads of laundry and still sorting through things from the trip.

At our house, you know, we like to have a little background music going when we're doing anything. Today's soundtrack is coming through loud and clear - thanks to our dear friends Craig & Tom & Fred. Those sweet fellas presented us with the outstanding gift of AppleTV back in January. One of the many cool features of AppleTV is this: It has this screensaver thing that allows you to have a slideshow of your photographs from your laptop (or whatever device you like) playing with your music.

So as I walk from the dining room with a freshly laundered stack of beautifully folded t-shirts I am frequently distracted by this slideshow. I have to stop and watch and smile when I am reminded of how cute Jenna Beers was as a toddler, or what a sweet man Stanley Caddell was, or how many wonderful people I've known, how many great meals we've shared, how many cool places we've gone.

So, no, I can't complain. But maybe I need to write a few Thank You notes.


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