It's hip to be square.

Remember when the rock band Chicago hit it really big in the '70s with those songs like "Beginnings" and "25 or 6 to 4"? Band geeks everywhere were pretty jazzed that somebody had made it cool to be a band geek. Chicago was all horns and drums and all the really great stuff in bands. The arrangements were awesome. Of course, the real deal was - and is - that band geeks have always been cool. And anybody who says otherwise is/was jealous of their ability to read music, play an instrument, and march in step with a large group and with a sense of rhythm! Now that, kids, is multitasking. Impressive. And cool.

And now the coolest and newest thing going on at W. D. Deli is our new method of credit card processing. If you've had dinner at a food truck or bought something at an arts fair, you've probably encountered something called Square. Square offers credit card processing through a little white, um, square thing that can be plugged into an iPad or iPhone - or most likely any smart phone or tablet computer.

If things work out, W. D. Deli will be doing all of our credit card sales through Square. It has many advantages.  It's fast, operates on wi-fi networks, and is an efficient, clean, and economical way to do business. Customers may have a receipt emailed or texted to them, or they may elect to have no receipt. We've ordered a wireless printer for the customer who may require a printed receipt. Saving a lot of paper there.

We're also looking forward to saving another kind of paper. That green kind. Square's processing fees for businesses can be significantly lower than other companies that offer similar processing services.

Our customers seem to like it. Younger customers like it because it seems new and cool. Our more mature customers like it because it makes sense.

It's not quite as cool as those guys marching on the football field at halftime, but what is? My Uncle Dan was in the Hope High School marching band a long time ago, and he's STILL cool. And my cousin David is a music director for one of the best band programs in the country, and that's very cool. Horns up, and Square up.


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