Maybe these cookies will make you feel better.

Earlier today I got a phone call at W. D. Deli from a guy in California. He wanted to know if we would deliver some cookies to a someone he knew in San Antonio who was in the hospital. After checking the catering schedule for the day, I told Brandon we could probably do it.

So this afternoon I delivered $50 worth of cookies and a gallon of milk to Northeast Methodist Hospital. I took the tasty treats right into the patient's room. But the patient wasn't there. His wife and his mom were there though. "Are those for Victor?" the wife asked. I checked the catering work order. "Yes, they are." She wanted to know who they were from. I told her the cookies had been ordered by some people in California. "Well, that's the least they could do." I looked at her, saying nothing. She continued. "He was hurt by a bull. When he jumped from a helicopter. For a TV show." Confused, I found myself saying, "We'll, I guess that makes sense." But I was thinking, "I thought Jackass went off the air years ago." And then suddenly she perked up. Looking at the cookies again, she smiled and asked, "Where are these from? This is a real cute idea."


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