Sweet Potato Pie

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year we'll be enjoying some great company and wonderful food with our friends Wendy and Kathryn. We had the pleasure of having them at our place last Thanksgiving, so this time we're going to their beautiful home. They told us not to worry about cooking ANYTHING - they would take care of EVERYTHING. Sweet!

But, of course, we're not satisfied with that. We insist on bringing dessert, and maybe some hooch. So, in the course of the week, Mr. Beers mentioned to one of our regular sweet customers (Hi, Paula!) that we would be making/taking dessert to our friends' house on Thanksgiving day. Paula immediately volunteered that she had a great recipe for sweet potato pie. And then she recited it.

This will make two pies. You'll need:

Two pie crusts
One really large or two medium size sweet potatoes
A small can of sweetened condensed milk
A cup of sugar
A stick of butter
A teaspoon of vanilla
One egg

Boil those sweet potatoes until they're soft. Let them cool a bit, peel them, and then mash 'em up a little. Add the other ingredients and whisk the whole mess together. Fill the pie shells with the mixture, and bake in a 350 degree oven for about 30 - 35 minutes.

Mr. Beers made the pies today, and they look great. That's right. He made pies. I made ... a phone call. I called Bakery Lorraine and ordered a pecan pie (the kind that's laced with Jack Daniels, thank you kindly). The pecan pie looks pretty amazing, and I'm sure it will taste yummy. But that sweet potato pie is the one I can't wait to try....

Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all.


  1. OMG that looks good! Happy Thanksgiving Wayne and Michael!


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