What's new with you?

Over here at W. D. Deli, there's a few things going on.

We are always inspired by  - well, lots of things.  Signage, marketing, labeling - we're always looking at what other people are doing locally as well as when we travel. During the past couple of years we've noticed a shift in the way things look.  There's a nostalgic look to lots of things around us.  It's interesting that while everything seems to be going in a more sophisticated, technological, digital direction, there's seems to be something in us that craves days-gone-by.  So we decided to change the look of our packaging.

Something else that's new at the W. D. Deli is this:

We got new umbrellas for the patio!  The blue and white striped umbrellas that were there served us well for a year or two. But the blue and white had faded to more of a light purple and white, and the local bird population seemed to enjoy them, too.  We retired the old ones. We're excited about the fresh look that the new red umbrellas have given the patio!

If you've been in the deli lately, you may have noticed that we sound different. Here's why:

A few years ago, we were approached by a music subscription company.  There were trying to sell us the same kind of service that provides the music in larger restaurant chains and grocery stores (for example). "What do you use for music in your restaurant?" they asked. "We play our own CDs," we replied. They gave us a short sales pitch and we declined. We enjoyed playing our own music, and customers seemed to enjoy our music choices, too. A lot of times they would comment on a song and ask who the artist was so that they might buy the music for themselves. After we declined the offer from the music subscription business, we were notified pretty quickly by letter from BMI that it had come to their attention that we were illegally playing music in our business. We quickly researched the whole thing, and found out that there were indeed laws in place that said we could not play our own CDs in our little deli. We stopped immediately. Our research also told us that because of the size of our business (in both dollars and square footage) as well as the number of hours we were open, we COULD play regular AM or FM radio with commercials in our business. So that's what we've done - until recently.

We've been enjoying Pandora for sometime at home, so we thought about checking into what they had available for businesses. It turns out that there is a partnership between DMX and Pandora, and that's the service that's providing our music these days. It's not our own CDs, but we are able to tailor the music to what we think makes a good mix for W. D. Deli - Sade, Billie Holiday, Broadway, Emmylou Harris, and several more. It'll be music to your ears - and hopefully, our food will be music to your mouth.

Come by and see us soon, and check out what we've been up to.


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