"I can't do this! I am stressed out!"

We lost another one. Just a couple of weeks ago, an employee said, "I think I need to look for another job." And then he got up and walked out. Well, really, first he said that he was way too stressed out, that "couldn't do it!"  What was it, you may be wondering, that was stressing this child out to the maximum?  It was this:

We asked this employee - let's call him "J" - to set up about 50 or 60 boxes for box  lunches. In fairness, I must tell you that is a task that requires several steps.  The first one (above) is to open the box and put it on the table. The next step (below) is to find a sheet of black and white waxed deli tissue.

Next, fold the tissue in half.  Surely you can see how stressful this would be for a young person.

And then you place the tissue in the box. Traumatizing.

Locate a packet of mayonnaise and a packet of mustard. Mensa level stuff here.

Put them in the box.

Get a bag of potato chips.

Put the chips in the box. The hard part is that you have to put them label-up, off to the side, so that later someone will be able to put a sandwich right next to the chips.  I know. Complicated.

 That's it. That. Is. It. We asked "J" to set up 50 or 60 boxes and gave him two hours to do it.  He started doing it, all the time muttering, "I just want to go home. I just want to go home. I just want to go home."  Finally he just couldn't go on. He told us, "I can't do this.  It's too much.  I am stressed out," and then, "I need to go look for another job." And then he left.

But the show, or the box lunches in this case, must go on. And they did.  We wish the best for "J" in his new endeavors.


  1. Perhaps he was actually stressed out by your beard...I mean that in a good way!

    Love your stories and comisserate from here,


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