BOBO No.57

This evening I realized that the last time I told you anything about my fragrance was over two years ago...  At that time, we were looking for a source or a manufacturer that could produce and package it for us. Lots of internet research, phone calls, a road trip or two.  Samples mailed back and forth. Mr. Beers was relentless in his search to find the right stuff.

We did indeed end up finding more than one source.  Different essential oils from different companies, another source for perfumer's grade alcohol. Still other sources for packaging and labeling. So now BOBO No.57 is manufactured and packaged right here in San Antonio in Texas in the United States.

The scent - in case you're wondering - is a fresh, clean fragrance, with a top note of sage, an under note of sandalwood, with additional bits of citrus and basil. There's nothing crazy in it, like chemicals that I wouldn't be able to spell or pronounce.  It's just essential oils and perfumer's grade alcohol. And love.  Of course, there's a lot of love in there.

We're quite happy about it.  And now it's available at On Main Off Main and W. D. DELI in San Antonio. A 60 ml bottle is $40, and a 100 ml bottle is $70. Go by and try a spritz from the tester spray bottle. We're pretty sure you'll like it.


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