our first trip to San Diego

Just this past weekend we had the great good fortune to spend a long weekend in San Diego, California.  Our good friends, Michael Davis and Craig Campbell recently relocated from San Antonio to beautiful sunny southern California, and kindly invited us to come visit.  They were great hosts and it was a great weekend. An added bonus was getting to see Jeremy Woodruff, a great guy who used to live in San Antonio, but moved to Arizona a few years ago.  Jeremy showed up to join in the San Diego fun, and added his own special brand of  - of - well, Jeremy-ness.

We're still basking in the fresh memories of good times with great friends.  But, you know, it's always good to get home, and back to seeing our San Antonio peeps.  There's still a good chunk of summer left.  Let's meet out on the patio for a delicious salad and lots of iced tea.


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