Craving pizza.

Mr. Beers has been craving pizza lately. We've been eating a good amount of pie. And, of course, it's all been delicious. It's pizza! We've been to Rome's on DeZavala and the new Barbaro on McCullough @ Huisache, as well Stella at Blue Star. 

The visit to Rome's was meant to satisfy the craving. But I think it just started a weeklong pizza extravaganza. We've  been Rome's customers for several years and used to visit the location on Bitters. This time it was DeZavala. There was hardly anybody there, but we didn't mind. The pizza and salads were good.

The Barbaro place was a Saturday kind of thing. We decided to have a night on the town and started with cocktails at The Brooklynite. We had heard good and bad things about the place, and wanted to check it out for ourselves. We each had a couple of drinks called "The Love Beat." Good stuff. And a big bonus was that we ran into a couple of deli customers at the bar. We were able to laugh and visit and have a conversation beyond our regular "Would you like to try the artichoke-mushroom soup today?"

From The Brooklynite we headed to Barbaro on McCullough. It was a little crowded and a little loud, but friendly staff greeted us at the door and we were seated pretty quickly. The soundtrack must've been somebody's Johnny Cash playlist. We heard everything from "Ring Of Fire" to The Man In Black's cover of NIN's "Hurt." Again we enjoyed great pizza and salads. 

Then just a couple of days ago, a wonderful friend asked us to meet him for drinks and dinner at Stella in The Blue Star complex. 

It was a Wednesday night and the place was hopping. Lots of good-looking people in a beautiful bar and restaurant. Whoever designed the interior for Stella did a great job. A little industrial, a little primitive, a little modern - and it all works.

We started our meal with some lamb meatballs and mac 'n' cheese. Yummy good stuff. Then we ordered pizza. This was the spot where Mr. Beers's pizza cravings were ultimately satisfied. Thin crusts with just the right amount of toppings.  Stella turned out to be Wayne Douglas's favorite of our pizza experiences. And who could argue? Great food with great company in great surroundings. We're looking forward to going back. Next time we'll be washing down that pizza with proseco. Yes.


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