What is that?

It's a book.  And it's not on an e-reader.  

A week or two ago our friend Jake Beasley came by the deli for lunch and a short visit. They always seem like short visits with Jake.  We always run out of time before we run out of things to talk about, whether it's New York City, or some new recipe that Mr. Beasley has stumbled across in his adventures hither and yon. On this most recent visit, Jake highly recommended this book by Laurie Colwin, Happy All The Time.

I whipped out my iPhone and made a note of it so that I could look it up later.  I did look it up. Or rather, I tried to look it up. But it wasn't available in a Kindle version on Amazon.com.  It wasn't available as an ibook.  What?! So I walked next door to Half Price Books to look for Ms. Colwin's book.  It was not there either. So I did something I haven't done in a while.

I found a hard copy of the book on a website and I ordered it.  And it came in the mail today.  I am looking forward to the read.  I'm not sure how I'll feel about holding an actual book in my actual hands, but I think I may actually enjoy it.  A book.


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