It's that time again.

Every year at about this time, Mr. Bobo develops a bad attitude. (It probably happens SEVERAL times a year, but I digress.) The bad attitude is a direct product of feelings of general physical crappiness. There. I have self-diagnosed. Now if I could just get my hands on a prescription pad. My complaints have to do with cough and congestion mostly, and I'm pretty sure it's allergy-related, and sometimes there's a little sinus infection that decides to come along for the ride. There's usually eventually a trip to the doctor's office, and a round of antibiotics, maybe some prescription-strength nasal spray, and finally we get back to something that resembles normalcy. As if.

I'm going to use my symptoms as a kind of excuse (albeit lame) for neglecting the dear blog. It's hard to get motivated (let alone inspired) when one is coughing and wheezing. But then this happened: This adorable little girl came in the deli today with her grandmother to pick up a specially ordered birthday cake for the mom. She was too cute not to photograph. 

Here's another photograph. I surreptitiously snapped this yesterday during the intermission of A Streetcar Named Desire over at The Carver. If you're in San Antonio these days, make an effort to see this beautiful, powerful production. 

And then there's this couple. Someone on facebook posted this picture sometime this past week. The person posting it didn't know who these people were or where they were or when it was taken. Cool photo, though, don't you think?

Mr. Beers and I eased up behind this guy at the red light at the corner of Hildebrand and 281 yesterday. I posted the picture on facebook, and it got a lot of comments. I like the hand-painted sign. I like everything about it. It says everything it needs to say - no more, no less. When I was teaching high school English several years ago, I came across a piece of advice in the literature about the teaching of writing: Have something to say and say it as clearly as possible. I think this guy with this sign on the back of his truck is, by that criteria, an excellent writer.

And now, brothers and sisters, members and friends, I'm going to go hit the nasal spray one more time and get just a little more hot tea.

Be sure to stay tuned for the next post, which will include the recipe for Mr. Beers's Overnight Blueberry French Toast.


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