The Plates

People ask us from time to time, "Where did y'all get all these plates?" We tell them that we started out with a small collection - some from flea markets, maybe an estate sale or two, just here and there. A plate will sometimes reach out from the random table where it is waiting and grab one's attention. "Arkansas - Land Of Opportunity!" it may call out.  JFK and Jackie maybe wink at you from another plate. Another might bring to mind a childhood trip to Six Flags, or one of the Disney Parks.

When W. D. Deli moved to 3123 Broadway in 2002, we found ourselves with some really great walls on which to display these treasures.

Once we hung the plates on the walls, people started asking about them. Then some of those sweet customers would ask if we'd like to have some more. "My aunt (or mother or grandmother) gave me   a plate (or two or ten) that I think y'all might like." Some of our amazing friends have brought us plates from their travels. Some have asked us to hang plates as a kind if remembrance of loved ones. So most every plate has some kind of story.

Brandy brought this plate home when she went on a cruise in 2012.

This plate came home with Alejandro DeHoyos when he went on a working trip to the Holy Land. He did some beautiful work on a major project for CTSA, and brought us this souvenir from his travels.

This sweet and funny plate is one of a few that Brian Lopez-Rosa brought to us.  His mom was a wonderful lady with a great sense of humor. There's another one that says, "Behind every successful man stands a woman telling him that he's wrong!" 

We love our customers and we love our crazy plate collection. Come check it out. You may find your home state, you might see Elvis, and you might even see that plate you brought us from your trip to Thailand, Yellowstone, or Knott's Berry Farm!


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