It must be Saturday.

If we've slept just a little bit later, skipped the shower, and fumbled in the closet for an old sweatshirt and some sneakers, it must be Saturday. Saturdays - for us - are days to run errands and get some things done around the house. And somewhere in the beginning stages of all that jazz, we like to enjoy slow and delicious breakfast at Freddy's.

I hesitate to tell you about Freddy's because I don't want it to get too crowded. Yeah, because I know you're hanging on my every word to find out where I eat breakfast on Saturdays.

Freddy's has great food and good Saturday specials. It's owned by the people you see when you walk in the door. They'll greet you with a "Good morning!" or if you're running a little late, they may give you a sly grin and a "Well, good afternoon!"

Mr. Beers enjoys his big ol' iced tea.

And the wi-fi.

We both enjoy this.

And this. Everything's good and fresh and hot. So next Saturday, when you start that what-do-you-want-to-do-today conversation, think about Freddy's on South Flores in San Antonio. And if you show up, be sure to say hey. I'm the old guy in reading glasses and a baseball cap. I'm sitting with the guy who's busy composing birthday greetings on his iPad.

And then, boys and girls, go do whatever you need to do, and then have lunch at W. D. Deli.


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