another cookie?

January ended and we ran out of cookie dough for our lemon cookie which was January's cookie of the month. And just as that happened, one of the newer additions to our staff, a great guy named Anthony, offered a suggestion. "I was somewhere recently and had the best cookie. It was a strawberry cheesecake cookie." Yum.

Well, brothers and sisters of the congregation, we put on our thinking caps. We did a little research, and some recipe comparing, and some head scratching and came up with this:

And the secret is this:

We took our sugar cookie recipe. We substituted cream cheese for butter and added some cherry Jell-O, and Ta-Da! We have a cherry cheesecake cookie!

Our wonderful baker Mia has created a little pink/red glaze for these and she's been cranking out pink delicious treats all week. Come by anytime during February for one of these Valentine-y cookies!

And next month, for March, watch for the return of those wonderful green Pistachio cookies!


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