Be careful - we WILL show up.

Here's something that you may not know about Mr. Bobo and Mr. Beers. If you invite us to go to something, we will make a sincere effort to be there. Russel and Laura Beers learned that lesson recently.  A couple of months ago they called us from their home in Maryland and mentioned that Alison Krauss and Willie Nelson were coming to town, and that we should think about coming to the concert. "Sounds great!" we said. Mr. Beers immediately got online and started checking flights and looking for hotels in the area, and last Saturday morning we boarded an early flight to Baltimore.

It turned out to be a great, fun, and relaxing weekend.  

Too often these days we find that our families are spread out across the country, and tend to only get together for major events - weddings, graduations, milestone birthdays, and funerals. This weekend trip was none of those - just a chance to relax and visit with people we love. What a treat.

We had the opportunity to catch up with John and Jenna Beers, just home from their freshman years at Northwestern University and Barnard College. Over a leisurely lunch, and later on the back deck at the house, we talked a little bit about life since high school graduation and what the summer looks like for each of them. They're nice people and a pleasure to hang out with.

Saturday evening at a great venue - Meriweather - we had a wonderful time. The weather was perfect, and the bartenders were pouring correctly. We had a chance to stroll the grounds and have great conversation with Russel and Laura. Later, Alison Krauss and Willie Nelson did not disappoint. Alison Krauss and Union Station are all incredible musicians and it shows that they genuinely love what they do. Willie Nelson at eighty years old is still an amazing guitarist and vocalist. The music was great and the company was even better.

Sunday brunch at Xitomate was delicious. Sunday afternoon was sashayed through downtown Baltimore and checked out the Gay Pride festival before heading to Fell's Point for an afternoon of window shopping and checking out the historic area. We had an early dinner at Riptide in Fell's Point before heading back to home and the hotel.

The scene at Baltimore Gay Pride. Fierce.

The scene at Fell's Point.

Mr. Beers sporting a new hat, with sidekick John Beers.

Mr. Bobo's mahi mahi tacos at Riptide.

Eating and shopping our way through Georgetown. This pecan bar was sooooo good.
Monday Mr. Bobo and Mr. Beers were on their own. We slept in and spent a good part of the day in Washington, D.C. and Georgetown. That evening we met up with Russel and Laura at Facci at Turf Valley for Martini Monday.  Nuff said.

Martini Monday at Facci.

Tuesday morning we were on another early morning flight, this time headed home, back to life in San Antonio, and waiting patiently for the next invitation. You have been warned.


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