Thanksgiving and Chocolate Gravy

Thanksgiving seems like a perfect holiday to me. It's pretty much centered around food and eating and family and friends. It's not particularly political or religious and everybody can agree that most of us have got plenty to be thankful for. Everybody has holiday traditions. Everybody has holiday memories. And every year we have the opportunity to create new memories (and sometimes we even create new traditions).

Thanksgiving this year was really different for us. For the past few years, Mr. Beers and I have had wonderful Thanksgiving days with Wendy and Kathryn, our dear friends in Austin. Sometimes they come to our house, sometimes we go to theirs. The day is spent leisurely cooking, relaxing, visiting...

But this year, things worked out differently. The Bobo side of our family was having Thanksgiving on Thanksgiving Day in Dallas/Ft.Worth, while the Beers clan was making plans to celebrate the day on the following Saturday in Tulsa. So it seemed like a good plan: Go to Dallas/Ft. Worth for a couple of days and then head on up to Tulsa for a couple of days. And that it just what we did.

The "bonus" for our Thanksgiving this year was this: We talked my mom (sweet Liz) and my sister Sheila and her husband Jimmy into going with us to Tulsa. We all stayed with Wayne's mom (sweet Marie) and Gordon and had a wonderful time - cooking, relaxing, visiting... And the "bonus" "bonus" was having Cheryl Beers talk my mom into making chocolate gravy for breakfast on Saturday morning.

Chocolate gravy is legendary in our family - and is only made on special occasions. Christmas morning is almost always a chocolate gravy occasion. And this Thanksgiving weekend with our families together in Tulsa was pretty special. So chocolate gravy and biscuits were on the menu. And now (thanks to a recent text from Sheila) I am able to share with you the recipe for chocolate gravy.

Chocolate Gravy

3 cups sugar
8 Tablespoons cocoa
dash salt
1 can evaporated milk
1-1/2 cups water
6 heaping Tablespoons flour

Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly. When the mixture thickens, add:
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 stick butter/margarine

Serve warm over hot buttered biscuits.

Marie and Liz, toasting each other.

It was a great Thanksgiving. The food was great. The company was even better. We created lots of memories with people we love, and we may have even started some new traditions.


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