I know I already told you about Mr. Beers and I getting ordained to perform the wedding of our nephew in Tulsa, Oklahoma. And, of course, we were excited (honored) to be asked to do something like this. To officiate on such a special, important occasion. Yep, we were very excited to be asked. But we were even more excited on the day of the wedding. It was a day (a whole weekend, really) filled with LOVE.

LOVE. Love was ("literally," as the kids say) in the air. The love between the bride and groom, naturally. But also the LOVE that surrounded them. The love that surrounded all of us. There was something so special about that weekend. Mr. Beers and I got to Tulsa in time to attend the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner, and it was evident from the moment we got there that everything was going to be not necessarily perfect, but very necessarily 

Every part of the wedding weekend was special, and there were special moments within the moments. We enjoyed being with family. We enjoyed being with friends. We enjoyed every bit of every thing. We met new people. And, oddly enough, everybody was on their best behavior. Go figure. Movies would have you believe that when there's a wedding there's crazy family drama - you know, the kind where the extremely drunk sister of the bride makes an embarrassing toast at the reception - but that was not the case in this situation. If the friends and family who gathered on this particular weekend were of different religious and/or political persuasions, it didn't matter. We were all there for one purpose: to celebrate the fact that these two young people each found someone that gets him/her. We were there to embrace them and congratulate them as they marked the day that they began life as a married couple.

You know what happens when you find the person you want to spend the rest of your life with? What happens is you want "the rest of your life" to start right then. (I stole that from When Harry Met Sally.) One of my brothers-in-law refers to his wife as "the woman who saved my life." I think that's a really wonderful way to refer to one's spouse. The person who saved my life. Maybe you agree, maybe you don't. I believe it's at least partly true. You may feel at some point in your life that you're drifting, floundering maybe. Then you meet this special person who helps bring things into focus. They make you want to be a better man/woman. You want to please them, and you'd do almost anything to keep from disappointing them. 

So here's a belated toast to Lauren and Madison and their life together. May you live long and happy and in love. Cherish each other, and tell each other how much you love each other. And do it often.


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