Look at our deli manager. Isn't she gorgeous? You may or may not have met this lovely woman. But even if you have, there may be a few things you don't know about our Brandy.

1. She was born in San Antonio.

2. She spent her early childhood in Hawaii.

3. Her favorite place to visit (so far) is Las Vegas.

4. Her favorite color is purple.

5. Her favorite food is Mexican - specifically, menudo. "It's not just for breakfast!"

6. In high school, she was known to be an athlete - specifically, a basketball player.

7. One of her favorite people is a TURTLE. (You'll have to ask her.)

8. She has an extensive novelty sock collection.

The title of the post says ALL ABOUT BRANDY.  And, well, you know there are many layers to a person. And it's the same with Brandy. We are always learning things from and things about each other. What's not included in the 8 points about Brandy above are a few things like these:

Brandy is a caring, giving person. If you've known her for any length of time, you know that she is not happy unless she feels that all the people she loves (family as well as dear friends) are healthy and happy. If they're not, she'll do just about anything in her power to take care of the situation.

Brandy is one of the hardest working people you will ever meet. In any kind of team situation she is the MVP, willing to jump in and work hard. She will get dirty and sweaty right beside you, and work until the job is done.

Brandy has a smile that can light up a room. Wanna see her smile? Give her one of yours. That usually works.

Let me stop before this gets too "BRANDY'S FAN CLUB PRESIDENT" for y'all. If you're lucky to have a Brandy or two in your life, you're blessed. That's all.


  1. That's my Brenda! She got it from her mama. Love me some Brenda

  2. Aw! Eye Love this!!! 💕💕 that's my sissy, she's the greatest!! 👑✨😍😝🐢


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