Christmas 2016 in New York City

The view from our hotel room.

On our most recent trip to New York City, Mr. Beers and I had (yet another) grand old time. As I reflected on it just this morning, I was able to list seven bars and eleven restaurants we visited. We saw three Broadway shows and one great cabaret show (at Joe's Pub). We were able to visit with old friends and not-so old friends. We shopped a little. We slept a little late once or twice, and stayed out late once or twice. We always enjoy the annual Christmas pilgrimage to New York.

I think Mr. Beers would agree that our most outstanding meal of the trip was The Edge in Harlem. We went for brunch/lunch on one of our last days in the city. Mr. Beers enjoyed shrimp 'n'grits, while I feasted on a coconut fish burger and plantain fries. The Edge is at 139th Street and Edgecombe, walking distance from the 135th Street subway station. We're already talking about going back there. It's a relatively small place with a really chill vibe. Great food. Great service. Cool place. What else do you need?

Mr. Beers, hanging out at The Edge in Harlem, New York City.

The best of the shows that we saw was Dear Evan Hansen. We've been talking about it since we saw it, but when we try to tell people about the show, it loses some of its ooomph in the telling. Dear Evan Hansen is a musical about an awkward high school senior and the different situations he encounters and how he deals with them. See? It doesn't sound nearly as exciting as a musical set in an old opera house or something about the French Revolution, or animated Disney film for that matter. But you gotta believe me when I tell you: It's really, really good.

One of our (several) musts whenever we visit NYC is The Duplex, mostly because of the wonderful, amazing people who work (and perform) there. Maria, Adam, William, Darius, Brian, Poppy - and others that I can't remember right now - always make sure that their "guests" have a great night.

Another must is Fairway Cafe above Fairway Market on Broadway at 74th Street. Fairway Cafe is a great place for breakfast. On this particular trip to Fairway, we got to have a delicious breakfast as well as a delicious visit with our dear friend Lisa.  She regaled us with stories of being the mom of three fantastic young fellas in New York City.

Sarah Kay, a gifted poet, was part of Employee Of The Month at Joe's Pub.

The place we always try to make it to for dinner is Piadina on 10th Street, between 5th and 6th Avenues. Piadina is a small Italian restaurant that serves up an appetizer of polenta smothered in Gorgonzola cheese that makes us very, very happy. This time we were able to share the experience with Colin and Jesse and Seth. Good times and good food.

A new spot (to us) that I want to go back to was introduced to us by our friends Colin and Jesse. Bleecker Street Pizza. Bleecker Street provided hot delicious sustenance at the end of a night of cocktailing. Probably the best pizza I've had in a long time. Then again, it could have been everything leading up to the pizza that made it taste soooo good.

Whatever we do and wherever we go in New York City - we always manage to have a great time. And we're always ready to go back.


  1. I have only spent one holiday in the city. Can't wait to go back. I want to experience it with my Michael. Thanks for your blog post. Can't wait to see you two at the delivery.



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