How's your 2017 shaping up?

I'm trying not to worry about whether our microwave oven is spying on us.

It looks like 2017 is going to be just as much fun - - probably MORE - - as 2016. Already things are lining up for a fantastic year, filled with travel, visits with good friends and dear family.

I had a big old birthday.

February has come and gone and now your Mr. Bobo is SIXTY years old. SIXTY means (I hope) I worry less about the trivial, petty things. Anxiety and nervousness (and the constantly sweaty palms that plagued me in my teens, twenties, thirties, and forties) have hopefully given way to a little more relaxation. Of course, the trade-off is the other stuff that accompanies these years. The involuntary groans and moans when we sit or stand. The increase in the number of medicines and supplements that are consumed on a daily basis. Even with those kinds of things, so far, SIXTY is good. Just fine by me. Thank you very much.

There are plans for a New Orleans trip soon. There we will meet up with old and new friends for laughs and delicious food and tasty cocktails and casual strolls through The French Quarter, The Garden District, and just wherever the winds blow us. A visit to Commander's Palace is on the books.  Perusing some of the great art on Royal Street is on the list.

Then there's Fiesta in San Antonio. Already you can feel the energy building as the city anticipates that wonderful time in April when we all greet each other with "Viva Fiesta!" while lining up to buy tickets with which to purchase precious cold beer and tasty Fiesta grub. It's a great time for us to run into people that we might not have seen since last Fiesta. Our focus during those days in April is very clear. It is Fiesta.

A little later there's a trip to Cancun on the calendar. It's a repeat of a trip we took last year about the same time. It's a time of total relaxation. An all-inclusive resort where we can decide just how active or how lazy we want to be for a little while. We may go climb pyramids again. We may spend a good amount of time in a pool or on a beach...

About half-way through the year there's a family reunion in Arkansas. We missed it last year, but the year before we had a such good time with all those sweet folks there, we need to get back. Lots of hugs and laughs and games and tons of good food.

That's the schedule so far. TBA or TBD are a trip to Tulsa, certainly another trip to New York City, and who knows what else. We're looking forward to a big old basket of good times in 2017.


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