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I miss records.

Last week we were out on the town for a little dinner at Cappycino’s and out of the corner of my eye I saw something. At the table next to us there were three young people - two girls and a guy. They were all attractive college kids home for the holidays. The girls were equally tall and blonde, wearing similar outfits featuring extremely short skirts and high-heeled shoes that rival those of Lady Gaga. The guy with them was dressed much more casually - sport shirt, jeans, and Sperry topsiders, no socks. He was probably there for the girls’ support, in case one of them fell off the scaffolding, er, I mean fell off of one of those death-defying shoes. In any case, I was mesmerized as both girls focused on the iPhones and double-thumbed texted with lightning-quick speed. It made me pause for a second to consider the "state of the art" of everything. Those iPhones are their personal computers and entertainment centers. It’s a phone book, address book, road map, encyclopedia, and…

Last Night

Last night, at precisely the same moment the television weather man uttered the words "hard freeze," our downstairs central heating unit decided that it was clocking out.  We played with the thermostat for a little while and continued to enjoy our Tuesday night TV viewing until the temperature in the living room dropped to below 60. Then we headed upstairs. Bbbrrrrrrr.

holiday wine

You may or may not be aware that Mr. Beers turned fifty just this past October. Oh yes. There was a party where many people celebrated. Many of them brought gifts to Mr. Beers. A lot of those gifts were bottles of wine. All kinds of wine. Thoughtful guests brought wines with beautiful labels. Some brought wines with funny labels. Cabs, savs, merlots, pinots - they were all represented. Mr. Beers ended up with enough wine to last well into the next year.

The house in which we reside was built in the 1920s. It’s a wonderful old place with what I believe I’ve heard certain realtors refer to as "great bones." It has thick plaster walls and lots of charm. Living in a house built in the 1920s is an adventure in and of itself. It also has antique plumbing and wiring. I like to refer to the water pressure as "European." The lighting in most rooms is slightly dim.

The dim lighting when paired with the somewhat failing eyesight of middle age can seem at times an inconvenienc…

happy thanksgiving!

Yesterday we received a phone call from a nice man who works a business near W. D. Deli.  He was calling to let us know about the “passing” of a dear woman who was part of the family and part of the business.  Sad.
This morning on a regular trip to our local Sam’s Club, I was greeted with a sweet hug from a woman who immediately said, “I’m sad.”  She went on to explain that one of the really great guys who works in the meat market had just died.  It seems last week he wasn’t feeling well and went home and decided to go to bed early.  That night he suffered a massive heart attack and died.  Tragic.  He was just 50.
Earlier this week one of the nicest guys I know was hit with some rough stuff.  His dad fell down at home and felt really dizzy.  They decided to go to the hospital.  In examining this guy’s dad the doctors found tumors on his spine.  Upon closer inspection they found tumors in his liver.  And his lungs.  What a lot for this poor man and his family to deal with.
During this sam…

A Star Is Born - and later - Ranger Cookies!

Last week Mr. Bobo and Mr. Beers had a fine time enjoying the Uptown Art Walk in the Olmos Park Terrace neighborhood. The residents showed and sold everything from potholders to paintings - and everything in between. The highlight of the day for Mr. Bobo happened in a spot that looked like this:

There was a canopy that sheltered a portable projection screen (the kind your relatives used to show their home movies on) and a wooden chair. As we perused the wares that these particular artists were showing, a young lady approached us. "If you have just five minutes to spare, I’m working on an experimental film project. I’d love for you to participate." "What would you like me to do?" I asked. She held out a bottle that contained some blue liquid and a model of a ship. "Just sit in this chair and hold this ship in a bottle and say this one sentence: ‘I am the captain of my own ship.’" I shrugged and said, "Okay." I took my seat in the chair in front of…


Believe it or not, Mr. Bobo has made enough trips around the sun to develop more than a dozen opinions and attitudes about what goes on around him. Of course, all of Mr. Bobo’s opinions are well-informed and carefully thought out. Well, maybe not all of them. Maybe some of them. Maybe not. Hell, maybe they’re all off the cuff. But once in a while, one of those opinions gets rubbed and scratched and clawed at until it festers and becomes what we lovingly refer to as a pet peeve.

Look, here’s one now:

Customers who ask for their orders TO GO, and then enjoy their delicious W. D. Deli food at a table in the restaurant. I understand that some people might have a Howard Hughes kind of thing going on where they hate the thought of eating from a plate that someone else may have eaten from at sometime, regardless of the fact that it has been cleaned, sanitized, and run through a steaming commercial dishwasher. Those people need to order their food TO GO and eat from disposable stuff because of…

The People Business

"No matter what business you’re in, you’re in the people business."

There are things that people say to you that you remember for the rest of your life. Something about whatever it is whoever it was said resonates with you for some reason and you have one of those "aha" moments, only without Oprah or Gayle, or even the "aha." You just think to yourself, "Yeah, that makes a lot of sense."

I can’t tell you when I heard this little tidbit, or where I was, or who said it. But I remember it. It replays in my head a lot. I think back to all the different jobs I’ve had - from pumping gas in Yellowstone National Park to working as a special education teacher for severe/profound high school kids in San Antonio - and everything in between... And it always been true.

"No matter what business you’re in, you’re in the people business."

At W. D. Deli we’re definitely in the people business, and we love it. Having just spent a wonderful weekend with som…

Keeping one's cool...

Exactly one week ago Mr. Bobo and Mr. Beers were in the very throes of party planning. Mr. Beers turned 50 on Saturday, October 8. There were big plans underway for big fun at a big party in a newly redesigned backyard shangri-la-de-da. Family and friends were traveling to San Antonio from all over the place. Some came from Dallas/Ft. Worth. Others came from Chicago, Tulsa, Maryland... The air was filled with excitement and anticipation.

On the morning of Friday, October 7, the deli boys walked into work just in time to find... to find... to find everyone at W. D. Deli in a tailspin. The walk-in cooler had stopped working. The refrigeration repair guy was called. Mr. Bobo texted the amazing Luke Garza from Josephine Street CafĂ© and asked to "borrow" some space in their walk-in cooler. The deli staff began emptying the deli cooler by throwing away thousands of dollars worth of meats, cheeses, chicken salads, cookie doughs... Our expert dishwasher Justin began to move the shelv…

Missing Bert

At the very end of August, 2011, a wonderful friend passed away. He was a young man who enjoyed life to the maximum. Bert Lozano loved family and friends and put smiles on the faces of everyone he knew. He was 42. FORTY. TWO.

His death was a big slap in the face. A big kick in the gut. It took the very breath out of many of us. "Untimely," doesn’t even begin to describe it. All of us who knew Bert had to think of his death as a huge wake-up call. The phrase "Life is too short" suddenly became words to live by.

A few days after his death, there was a funeral in his hometown, and a few days after that, in the early days of September, there was a celebration of his life here in San Antonio. The San Antonio celebration was sad and sweet and funny and wonderful. Friends shared memories of Bert. There was laughter through tears.

Bert’s death and the memorial reminded me of the different times I have encountered death. Sometimes family members, sometimes friends. It happens.…