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The Wedding Weekend

Your guest blogger today is Mr. Wayne D. Beers.

We hadn’t planned on going to the wedding.

That should have been a sign.  Every weekend before and after the wedding weekend was booked up.  There was a fund-raising event at our house, Mr. Bobo’s sister’s fiftieth birthday party in Hot Springs, and our friend Ramona’s Memorial Day weekend visit.  It all seemed just too much.  But cousin Kathy told us that the wedding wouldn’t be the same without us. So the guilt set in.  We decided to go after all.

The wedding was to be in Gulf Shores, Alabama.  The closest Southwest Airlines could get us to Gulf Shores was Panama City, Florida - a three-hour drive to our beach wedding destination.  I’d never been to that part of the country, so I looked at maps to see what the drive along the Florida panhandle coastline would be like.  It looked incredible!  In my mind, we would rent a car, maybe a vintage convertible, maybe a 1965 Mercedes S series.  Mr. Bobo and I would fly into Panama City Friday, s…

Thirty Years In San Antonio

Mr. Bobo has lived in San Antonio, Texas, long enough to call it home.  But, of course, that wasn’t always the case.  When you’re young and your eyes are seem like big green (or hazel, or blue or brown) question marks, the world is full of possibilities. You feel - you know - that you can be anything you want to be and live anywhere you want to live.

A long, long time ago before some of you were born, Mr. Bobo was working as a waiter in Little Rock, Arkansas, at a place called Shorty Small’s.  You see, I had graduated from Hendrix College and taught junior high (that’s how long ago it was - “junior high”) English in a small town, and then went back to Hendrix College and spent a year working for the Off ice Of Student Affairs, and then decided it would be fun to live in Little Rock and work as a waiter. It was fun. Probably too much fun.  After I’d been working at Shorty Small’s (“Can I start you guys off with a top-shelf margarita this evening?”) for several months, some friends calle…