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Road trip! Next weekend we will head for Arkansas. We will fly to Little Rock. We will rent a car. Then we will drive for a couple of hours to Hope, Arkansas, to see some sweet people. We're not the only ones traveling to get there. Lots of people are coming from all over Texas. Some are coming from Tennessee. Some are coming from different places in Arkansas. Whatever the points of origin, the destination will be just a place, just a location, until we all get there. Then it'll be gathering of young (as young as a couple of weeks old) and old (as young as just over 80 years old) souls there to enjoy each other's company.
Next weekend will be a particularly special one. My mom's side of the family will be enjoying a family reunion in southwest Arkansas. I could probably stop right there and you could flesh out the rest of the story. Everybody's got a family. Every family's got their share of family stuff: the crazy aunt(s), the blended families, the exchanging…