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Elvis was my roomie!

This afternoon, just about closing time, an older couple walked into W. D. Deli ready to have a nice, relaxing, late lunch.  It was 4:54 p.m.  They had been down the road at Cavender Cadillac, and when they told the folks at the car dealership that they were going to go look for something good to eat - Those nice people sent them to us!  Sweet people - and that is really just about the best kind of advertising you can hope for - that the people who are your customers feel good enough about what you do to recommend it to others. 

So this nice couple decided to give us a shot and they came on in.  They walked in and looked around - casing the joint, checking out the menu - you get the idea.  Eventually something must have made them feel comfortable enough to stay and order and eat at the deli.  They were kind of quiet, but as they got up to leave the wife looked over at me and gave me a friendly wave and said that the food was “real good.”  As her husband walked up beside her, he pointed…

the amazing thing

I want to say that the amazing thing is that this is even an issue in 2012.  Whether or not two men or two women can get married.  Aren't we more evolved than that?  And at the same time I have to say that it's not amazing.  It wasn't that long ago that interracial marriage was illegal. Or that certain groups (based solely on their race or gender) were considered "less than." Whole groups were denied the right to vote.  Unimaginable.  But it was a reality. And even when things were rectified in a legislative way, the social discrimination continued.  Some would tell you the discrimination continues today.  But it has gotten better.  And that gives us hope.

Since that North Carolina business this week and  President Obama's statement on ABC, talk of marriage equality has been all over the place. The term "marriage equality" is especially appropriate.  We're not talking about special privileges here, people.  We're talking about equality. Some…


This morning at El Rafa’s Café Mr. Beers and I were seated at a table next to a middle-aged brother and sister.  When you go to the same place for breakfast everyday, you see a lot of the same people over and over, and you get to know them - sort of.  This pair, this brother and sister, are at El Rafa’s most of the mornings that we are there.  The interaction between them has made me stop and think about the relationships between siblings.

For the past several weeks the brother has been helping the sister with her studies, almost always in math.  Though their speech is half-English and half-Spanish, from what I can tell, she must be studying to take something like a G.E.D. exam, and her brother is helping her with Algebra-type stuff.  Somewhere along the way when she was younger, the sister must have dropped out of high school.  Maybe she quit school to have a baby or two.  Maybe there were financial reasons that she had to drop out and go to work.  In any case, the brother stayed in…