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Last weekend Mr. Beers and I were thrilled and honored to receive the Community Ally Award at the HRC Gala in San Antonio. They asked us if we'd like to speak, and speak we did. Well, just a little bit.  Here's a paraphrased version of our remarks.

Just about a week ago we were on a plane, on our way home from an amazing vacation in Puerto Vallarta. It was a true vacation by anyone's definition, but mostly by own own. The most difficult decision we had to make everyday was not whether to hang out with the Dallas Bears or the Atlanta Bears. It wasn't the decision of which app to use - Grindr, Growlr, or Scruff. The most difficult choices we had to make everyday were 1) which swimsuit to wear and 2) what drink to order once we got to the pool.
It was a wonderful, relaxing time. Every morning we would get up and walk for a mile or two on the beach, enjoying the quiet, enjoying the ocean... And almost every morning we would encounter newly hatched baby sea turtles, making…