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Last weekend, W. D. Deli was given the distinct honor and special pleasure of hosting the Cornyation 2011 cast party. The occasion gave Mr. Bobo an opportunity to reflect on Cornyations past and present (and future, I guess).

Cornyation dates back to 1964, when it was staged at the Arneson River Theatre as part of A Night in Old San Antonio. Its irreverent pokes at politics and prominent and not-so-prominent world events led to its demise as part of NIOSA. In 1982 local artists and designers revived the celebration, and it has grown to be a major part of Fiesta. (

Over the years, Cornyation has become quite the hot ticket. People camp out for days before the tickets go on sale, hoping to get a few precious tickets for one of the six performances that take place on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of Fiesta week. When we first became involved in Cornyation, it was a little less complicated. In those days designers would create some sort of crazy, over-the…


Soon Mr. Bobo and Mr. Beers will find themselves on a journey. They will be visiting with friends and family members. They will be attending a wedding here, a graduation there, with a dinner, a breakfast, maybe a cocktail hour or two adding some flavor to their days on the road. Mr. Bobo is looking forward to visiting with a couple of friends from Hendrix College, and maybe a buddy or two from Hope High School. In anticipation of such doings, Mr. Bobo has become a little nostalgic. But that’s not anything unusual.

I have wonderful, colorful memories from being an elementary school kid in Dallas, and then an angst-ridden teenager (that’s redundant, I guess) in rural Arkansas, and later a college student in Conway, Arkansas. When I start reminiscing about those college days, Mr. Beers is sometimes a tad jealous. You see, Mr. Beers claims not to remember a whole lot from his college days. (Draw your own conclusions.)

Of course, all of our life experiences in our pasts lead us to exactly …

Happy Mothers' Day

Look at my mom. Just look at her. I’m not sure where this photo was taken. Obviously she is relaxed and having a good time. I only know that it was taken sometime during the past two or three years. I snagged it from her facebook page. The picture could have been taken on a cruise ship. The girl’s been on a few cruises. It could have been taken at a fancy dinner/dance somewhere. Liz probably danced before she walked, and she’s still dancing. It might have been at a church function. Could have been a lot of places. She’s rarely still for very long. If she is still for very long, she might be napping. But she enjoys going and doing more than sitting and idling. It makes Mr. Bobo quite happy to know that chances are, if he tries to catch his mother at home, she won’t be there. She’s out celebrating life.
Elizabeth Ann Lauterbach was born in October, 1936. When ‘Lizabeth Ann was eight years old, her mother, Katherine, died struggling with Tuberculosis. She was twenty-six and had six chil…