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Kayla's Breakfast Casserole

We just spent a wonderful weekend in LA. Lower Arkansas. We were there for a Lauterbach Family Reunion. My mom comes from a good size family - four brothers and three sisters. And everybody had some kids and those kids had some kids.  This weekend there were just over fifty of us at the Grandview Prairie Conservation Education Center.

Being there with my mom and siblings was pretty great. Being there with aunts and uncles and cousins was icing on the cake - scrumptious cream cheese icing on a very sweet, rich, delicious cake. Somebody said family is like really good fudge - sweet with a few nuts. I have to agree. (I'm looking at you, Aunt Gail.) That's family. This group is pretty wonderful. I'm pretty sure that everybody had their stuff they're dealing with back home. And I'm pretty sure that we don't all agree on matters political. I know that we're all very different people who live very different lives. But anytime we get together, we all feel the same…