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What's new with you?

Over here at W. D. Deli, there's a few things going on.

We are always inspired by  - well, lots of things.  Signage, marketing, labeling - we're always looking at what other people are doing locally as well as when we travel. During the past couple of years we've noticed a shift in the way things look.  There's a nostalgic look to lots of things around us.  It's interesting that while everything seems to be going in a more sophisticated, technological, digital direction, there's seems to be something in us that craves days-gone-by.  So we decided to change the look of our packaging.

Something else that's new at the W. D. Deli is this:

We got new umbrellas for the patio!  The blue and white striped umbrellas that were there served us well for a year or two. But the blue and white had faded to more of a light purple and white, and the local bird population seemed to enjoy them, too.  We retired the old ones. We're excited about the fresh look that the new…

making pickles

Sometimes former employees come by the deli to visit. It's always nice to see what's going on with our "alums." Degrees, marriages, children, careers - changes... You know what else is cool?  That they do come by to visit. That means they must have pleasant memories of their times at the deli. One of our recent former employee visitor people was Julio.  Julio washed dishes at the deli for over a year, sometime around 2005 or 2006. I wish I had a picture to post here of Julio, because I think he's a pretty outstanding character, the kind that I imagine to be surprisingly photogenic. He's a cute and quirky little guy whose English is "broken" at best. He has a wife and three or four kids.  Sweet guy.  And he comes by to visit once in a while.

On his most recent visit we learned that Julio is working for a produce company these days. He was, in fact, selling produce when he stopped by.  Julio offered up some beautiful heirloom tomatoes by the case, as…