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Demolition Derby

Over the past several weeks, Mr. Bobo and Mr. Beers have been involved in four (Count 'em, FOUR!) automobile mishaps. Believe it or not, none of these incidents and/or accidents were our fault. In an attempt to bore you, but not to death, I'll give you the most basic of details.

Mishap Number One happened in a restaurant parking lot. As Mr. Beers was driving out of the lot a gentleman backed into our hero. The fellows exchanged insurance information, and after some hemming and hawing on the part of the other driver, Progressive Insurance finally accepted liability and took care of a rental for Mr. Beers while his sedan was repaired. They provided him with a really nice Jeep and handled the whole process efficiently and expeditiously. 
The second crash happened one Saturday morning while Mr. Beers and I were cruising through San Antonio in the W. D. DELI cargo van delivering catering orders. We were traveling through the intersection of San Pedro and Euclid when a minivan care…