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They're baaaaack.....

The crazy next-door neighbors are in town. I guess they're not really next-door neighbors. I mean they own the property next door, but they don't live there. We'd heard of them, but we'd never seen them or met them before, but here they are. And when I got home this evening Mr. Beers was standing our front porch with her. The one who inherited the house next door. There she was, looking all kinds of crazy with long, thick white hair, and long, thick grey toenails hanging off the front of her orthopedic sandals.

The house has been vacant for at least ten years. There used to be a thirty year-old rusted station wagon with four flat tires in the carport, until recently. Somebody called Code Compliance and complained. Then arrangements were made and the car was removed.

But that's the only activity that's gone on over there in years. Until a few days ago. The heiress and her husband and the adopted daughter blew into town in their white minivan with those luggag…

Sweet Potato Pie

Happy Thanksgiving!

This year we'll be enjoying some great company and wonderful food with our friends Wendy and Kathryn. We had the pleasure of having them at our place last Thanksgiving, so this time we're going to their beautiful home. They told us not to worry about cooking ANYTHING - they would take care of EVERYTHING. Sweet!

But, of course, we're not satisfied with that. We insist on bringing dessert, and maybe some hooch. So, in the course of the week, Mr. Beers mentioned to one of our regular sweet customers (Hi, Paula!) that we would be making/taking dessert to our friends' house on Thanksgiving day. Paula immediately volunteered that she had a great recipe for sweet potato pie. And then she recited it.

This will make two pies. You'll need:

Two pie crusts
One really large or two medium size sweet potatoes
A small can of sweetened condensed milk
A cup of sugar
A stick of butter
A teaspoon of vanilla
One egg

Boil those sweet potatoes until they'…

Maybe these cookies will make you feel better.

Earlier today I got a phone call at W. D. Deli from a guy in California. He wanted to know if we would deliver some cookies to a someone he knew in San Antonio who was in the hospital. After checking the catering schedule for the day, I told Brandon we could probably do it.

So this afternoon I delivered $50 worth of cookies and a gallon of milk to Northeast Methodist Hospital. I took the tasty treats right into the patient's room. But the patient wasn't there. His wife and his mom were there though. "Are those for Victor?" the wife asked. I checked the catering work order. "Yes, they are." She wanted to know who they were from. I told her the cookies had been ordered by some people in California. "Well, that's the least they could do." I looked at her, saying nothing. She continued. "He was hurt by a bull. When he jumped from a helicopter. For a TV show." Confused, I found myself saying, "We'll, I guess that makes sense.&qu…

Let's get our social network on.

I've been bouncing around on facebook for over three years now. It's been interesting, fun, and even frustrating sometimes. Mostly it's been great. Now I know what's going on with some of those good old Hope High School Bobcats. I get to see how some of my Hendrix College peeps are doing. I've even managed to track down some of my friends from "the retail years."

I've actually gotten to know some folks better - folks that I might have only considered acquaintances a few years ago. Why is that? How could I feel that I am better friends with and/or closer to people that I am "talking" to via a keyboard or a smartphone?

It seems to me that there's something about this modern way of communicating that facilitates more honest, candid "conversation." Nobody interrupts or talks over each other. Everybody has the opportunity to choose his/her words carefully and deliberately - more deliberately than we might in extemporaneous convers…