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Poppyseed Chicken

It’s one of those casserole things that you would see at a church potluck, or as we used to call them in Arkansas, “covered dish dinners.”  I loved those potluck things - at church and at family functions.  I looked forward to counting the number of pastel colored dishes that involved some combination of Cool Whip, Jello, and fruit, and maybe some nuts (optional).  Pale green, pale pink - they were all delicious to me.  I could skip the English Pea Salad (with diced cheddar cheese, chopped boiled egg, and mayonnaise), and head right for something that contained rice and cheese and some kind of dry soup mix.  But here's a new one on me:

Poppyseed Chicken.  I'm sure this may be passe by now out in the burbs. And if your family or church members get together with any regularity, you may have tried this tasty stuff already.  My sister Sheila called me the other day to catch up, and ended up giving me this recipe that I made for the W. D. Deli’s Valentine get-together. Oh, yeah, I…

No facebook for me, thanks.

Last week I heard that there are over eight hundred million people on facebook. That’s pretty amazing.  I’ve enjoyed my facebook experiences... Keeping up with what my friends and relatives are up to... Finding out what Washington Post articles my friends are reading that might be interesting to me... Reconnecting with friends from high school and college... Reconnecting with some people I worked with in Yellowstone National Park one summer... Reconnecting with some cousins I haven’t seen in decades... You get the idea. We use the term “small world” sometimes when we realize that there are not six degrees of separation. Facebook has made that small world even smaller.

Some months ago there were some sweet women at a round table at the deli who were having a great time - talking and laughing over their caesar salads and cups of tortilla soup.  I recognized one of the women and her daughter as being regular customers so I went over to say hello. They explained that they were laughing a…