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There are several things that I am obsessed with, but today we will only cover three.

These blank notebooks and journals. If there are any of these in a book store or gift shop, I will find them and admire them for a while, taking the ones that really grab my attention into my sweaty hands to turn over and open and check out. Do they have lined pages? What kind of paper? Right now I have a lot of blank ones, and a few that are full of notes from days past. Just the other day I opened one up from 2008/2009 and was reminded of some good and not-so good times. Why am I obsessed with these things?

This place. This is St. Roch's in New Orleans on St. Claude Street. We've been to a few of these new "Food Halls" (Perhaps you remember something called a "Food Court." Get with the program. The Food Hall is the thing now, baby.) in various cities, but I think this is the best one yet. It seems to operate as some sort of cooperative. Real plates (not paper) and utensi…

Cheesecake Cookies

Several months ago a dear friend and customer brought this dessert in to the deli as a "Thank You" for something we did for them. The staff ate it up and asked for more! It was a sweet gesture (literally, as the kids say), and I hounded Miss Walton and Miss Annis until they surrendered the recipe. As usual, I doubled the recipe to make two of these. Maybe it has something to do with being in the food business. I figure that if I'm going to the trouble to make one of something, I might as well make two. It doesn't take any longer, and that way I have one for us to enjoy and one to share with someone.

The recipe is called "Cheesecake Cookies" but it seems more like cheesecake bars. It starts with this:

I am told that this recipe comes from the New Orleans Junior League's cookbook. That, to me, is not something that should be taken lightly. Cookbooks from Junior League groups, Parent-Teacher organizations, or the local Baptist church are usually pretty am…