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A friend suggested this book to me:
Actually, what she said was maybe we should read this. Since my friend is a thoughtful, intelligent person, I went directly to iBooks and bought it, downloaded it, and started reading. And I haven't gotten very far, but I think it's safe to say that I will enjoy the book, learn from the book, and recommend the book. It turns out that it's not about manners (i.e., etiquette) as much as it is about how we all need to be nice to each other. Check it out if you get a chance. And be nice to people.

There's this. This Polish proverb has been floating around cyberspace, and some of my friends have claimed it as their personal mantra. Here's another thing that came across one of my screens this week. Someone wrote a negative review of a local restaurant on a website. The negative review had more to do with the way the restaurant is/was run than it had to do with the food or the decor or any of those things. The reviewer was frustrated, …