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It's that time again.

Every year at about this time, Mr. Bobo develops a bad attitude. (It probably happens SEVERAL times a year, but I digress.) The bad attitude is a direct product of feelings of general physical crappiness. There. I have self-diagnosed. Now if I could just get my hands on a prescription pad. My complaints have to do with cough and congestion mostly, and I'm pretty sure it's allergy-related, and sometimes there's a little sinus infection that decides to come along for the ride. There's usually eventually a trip to the doctor's office, and a round of antibiotics, maybe some prescription-strength nasal spray, and finally we get back to something that resembles normalcy. As if.

I'm going to use my symptoms as a kind of excuse (albeit lame) for neglecting the dear blog. It's hard to get motivated (let alone inspired) when one is coughing and wheezing. But then this happened: This adorable little girl came in the deli today with her grandmother to pick up a specia…