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Last weekend Mr. Bobo and Mr. Beers found themselves socializing at a lovely pool party.  It was a great way to spend a hot Saturday afternoon in San Antonio. The temperature was climbing toward 100 and the sun was shining.  The pool and our friend’s beautiful backyard provided a perfect Garden Of Eden setting for old and new friends to meet, reconnect, and engage in  some splashing about, as well as enjoy some tasty snacks and refreshing adult beverages.

I was sitting on the edge of the pool, modeling my fancy orange sunglasses ($10 Ray-Ban knock-offs that I bought near the Spanish Steps last summer in Rome), and Randal came over and sat down beside me. In the course of our visiting, he asked about an old friend of mine. He couldn’t remember the name, but when provided me with a couple of points of reference and a little description, I knew exactly who Randal was talking about.  John Arthur Williams. John Arthur was one of the first friends I had in San Antonio.  He made an indelibl…