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The Old Gray Mare

Even though I'm composing this post on something as "with-it" as my iPad, I'm feeling a little Old-Gray-Marish today. I'm scheduled to have my second tutorial with DJ Cobweb this evening. Here's the deal:

Several weeks ago a sweet friend started texting me, asking me if I would consider "spinning" at The Bonham Exchange - in the video bar, also known as The Alamo Bar - for a good old-fashioned retro t-dance on a Sunday afternoon. The texted conversation continued - and now that t-dance is this Sunday.

I began my preparation a couple of weeks ago - going through all my music, listening to a lot of music, thinking about how I wanted to mix certain songs, etc. Then I went down to The Bonham Exchange last week to find out what the equipment in The Alamo video bar was like and what I might still need to do to get ready for Sunday Funday.

An unsuspecting DJ Cobweb was enlisted by the bar management to show me the ropes. And this is what I learned: DJ …

I can't complain.

Today Mr. Bobo is trying to catch up on a few chores around the casa. We got home from a little vacation this past Tuesday night, and I can happily admit to you that we are very nearly almost completely unpacked and put away... Today I am doing a few loads of laundry and still sorting through things from the trip.

At our house, you know, we like to have a little background music going when we're doing anything. Today's soundtrack is coming through loud and clear - thanks to our dear friends Craig & Tom & Fred. Those sweet fellas presented us with the outstanding gift of AppleTV back in January. One of the many cool features of AppleTV is this: It has this screensaver thing that allows you to have a slideshow of your photographs from your laptop (or whatever device you like) playing with your music.

So as I walk from the dining room with a freshly laundered stack of beautifully folded t-shirts I am frequently distracted by this slideshow. I have to stop and watch and s…

The Same In Any Language

"Laughter is the same in any language." Our dear friend Mr. Molbert shared these words recently on an international flight on which several languages were being spoken. Shortly after the laughter observation, he was able to add that "Screaming children are just as annoying no matter the language or culture." But none of us were complaining. Our foursome of happy wanderers have no misconceptions - we know how fortunate we all are.

Lately I've thought a lot about what a charmed life I seem to have. Love my job. Love the friends and family that I have so graciously been given. Sometimes right before I go to sleep or when I first wake up in the morning I am amazed by just how good life is. The alarm clock rings and our dog Mookie comes over to the side of the bed, tail a-wagging, to let me know that she feels the same way.

I was talking this over with Mr. Molbert when he said, "It's all about your mindset. You know people that are experiencing the same t…