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Fool Me Once...

Let me begin by telling you that we have some very wonderful people who work very hard at W.D.Deli. We spend a lot of time together, and when a business is as small as ours, you really do work as a team. We help each other out a lot. We care about each other. We laugh with each other, and sometimes we cry with each other. We work hard. If you've every worked in a restaurant you know that there is always hard work going on. Sometimes shenanigans. But more often, hard work.

The wonderful, loyal, hard-working folks that have been at W.D.Deli a while have seen a lot of not-so hardworking people come and go. It's remarkable how many times we've been fooled. I mean:

Fool me once, fool me twice - just keep fooling me. For the past ten years or so, we've seen a steady rise in the job applicant's ability to fool us. The application may look good. The conversation/interview is pleasant enough. There is eye contact. There seems to be a good amount of knowledge and experience…