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Aunt Gail's Banana Pudding

Tomorrow is the Fourth Of July, and Mr. Beers and Mr. Bobo are invited to a friend's place for a day of America-ing. Happy Independence Day, y'all. We'll be splashing around in the pool, eating, drinking, laughing. Mr. Bobo thought it might be appropriate to bring a dessert. Perhaps a banana pudding. Coincidentally, my Facebook feed has been reminding me that I was with my siblings and my dad about four years ago. And that combination of random thoughts (dad, banana pudding, etc.) reminded me of Aunt Gail's Banana Pudding.

All the women in my family are great cooks. All the women in my extended family are great cooks. One "recipe" that stands out in my mind, though, is my Aunt Gail's Banana Pudding. When I was around middle school age, my dad and my Uncle Royce (Aunt Gail's sweet husband) worked together as mechanics at Hope Volkswagen in Hope, Arkansas. Every day around noon they would find something good to eat during the midday break. On one of tho…