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Our Maria!

Anyone in the restaurant business will tell you that one of the biggest and most common challenges of running a successful operation is staffing. Finding the right people for the right positions in your business is difficult in any endeavor, but in the food service industry it seems especially so. I always say, "You have to kiss a lot of frogs..."

We don’t actually kiss frogs at W. D. Deli, but we do tend to hire them. Sometimes they turn into princes and princesses. Sometimes they don’t.

But the little jewel I want to tell you about today didn’t come to us as a frog. She came in as a princess - from Day One.

A few months ago our baker Paul told us that he would be leaving W. D. Deli. Though he was a great baker for us, his real passion was education, and he was able to find a full-time posiiton as a tutor/teacher. While we were happy for Paul, we were sad for ourselves. Mr. Beers threw an ad up on for the baker’s position and the very next day a lovely lady …

Driving while distracted

Within my immediate family I have a reputation for being a really bad driver. (Are you shocked?) Before I graduated from high school I was involved in several automobile accidents. I even totaled a couple of cars. And that was before we had the technology that we have today - technology that allows us to update our facebook status from anywhere and everywhere with a few keystrokes on the touchscreens of our mobile devices. Last night I went out to dinner and left my cell phone at home. I was untethered for almost two hours. And it wasn’t bad. But anyway...

A few weeks ago Mr. Bobo was driving around in San Antonio on deli business. Mr. Bobo was driving the deli van (a Ford Econoline, for you Nanci Griffith fans) southbound on Hwy. 281 / IH-37. It was a Tuesday morning around 8:30 and traffic was pretty thick - kind of stop-and-go on the freeway. Driving cautiously and braking whenever the Lexus SUV just ahead slowed or stopped, Mr. Bobo suddenly felt a crash from behind. A perfectly n…