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I mean that in a good way.

Something has happened. I have let my beard grow out. I've had some version of a closely cropped beard for over ten years now, but two or three months ago I decided to just let it grow for a while. And the remarkable results for me have less to do with the hair on my face, and more to do with the reactions I get. All because of a little beard.

The most common is, "I didn't recognize you." It's an honest, innocuous comment. Sometimes that statement is followed by something like, "Wow. It looks good," or, "I wish I could grow a beard like that." Nice, friendly, complimentary beard talk.

And then there are the other ones.

I have learned that when someone looks at you and says, "What made you decide to grow a beard?" the next comment is most likely not to be complimentary. There may, in fact, be no follow-up statement. Maybe just a short but awkward moment before I excuse myself by saying something like, "It's good to see you. …

"I can't do this! I am stressed out!"

We lost another one. Just a couple of weeks ago, an employee said, "I think I need to look for another job." And then he got up and walked out. Well, really, first he said that he was way too stressed out, that "couldn't do it!"  What was it, you may be wondering, that was stressing this child out to the maximum?  It was this:

We asked this employee - let's call him "J" - to set up about 50 or 60 boxes for box  lunches. In fairness, I must tell you that is a task that requires several steps.  The first one (above) is to open the box and put it on the table. The next step (below) is to find a sheet of black and white waxed deli tissue.

Next, fold the tissue in half.  Surely you can see how stressful this would be for a young person.

And then you place the tissue in the box. Traumatizing.

Locate a packet of mayonnaise and a packet of mustard. Mensa level stuff here.

Put them in the box.

Get a bag of potato chips.

Put the chips in the box. The hard …

Let's get this straight.

It's almost Fiesta time again here in San Antonio! Put your party pants on, boys and girls, and get ready to have a ball! If you're a San Antonian, you know what I'm talking about. And if you've ever visited San Antonio during Fiesta, I know you have fond memories of a wonderful time.

But there's something that's been bugging me for a while now. Actually for about three years, I think. I think that was about the time that The San Antonio Aids Foundation decided to rewrite a little Fiesta history - a particular little piece of it that's near and dear to my heart.

The WEBB party has grown to be the foundation's largest fundraising event, and it happens every year during the first weekend of Fiesta. SAAF tells us that it all started with a guy they call something like "Mr. X" having a backyard barbecue in 1990. Nope. Didn't happen that way at all. Mr. Beers and I were some of the founding hosts of the WEBB party, and we've tried to reach…