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There is a certain Mr. Wayne Douglas Beers (that’s where the "W. D." comes from) who is pretty wonderfully remarkable. If you have any doubts, just ask my family (and even my extended family). They adore the old boy. And rightly so. And I’d like to think that I aspire to someday attain a similar popularity with the Beers clan. We try. Seriously, we both have wonderful, loving families, and we’re thankful everyday for them.

Mr. Beers and I are amused by something that both our families tend to do. It’s a little difficult to explain, but I’ll try. On a given day Mr. Beers’s cell phone might ring. It will be his mother, or a brother, or perhaps a sister-in-law. Pleasantries will be exchanged, and then they eventually get down to the business of: "Wayne, is Michael there? I need to ask him something." Invariably, the question or issue at hand will be something that Mr. Beers could have easily answered or solved or offered advice about, but he’s (just) Wayne. The oth…

Reading Salinger Again

One of the perks of getting older - Really? There are perks to getting older? Ugh. Seriously. Really. Yeah, well, I think one of the perks of getting older is that you get to revisit places or books or movies with a new perspective. When I was young, my family made a trip or two to Houston to visit relatives. My impressions of Houston then was completely different then. All I saw was tract housing and strip malls. The highlight of the trip was an excursion one evening to a local pizza joint that boasted "Chicago Style." These days I appreciate Houston so much more. I enjoy the amazing restaurants (Have you had breakfast at Baby Barnaby’s on Fairview or brunch at Cyclone Anaya on Gray?), the great nightlife (People really do go out in Houston), and the awesome arts scene (MFA is great - and there are so many other galleries and museums to explore). Things and places I couldn’t appreciate in junior high or high school.

Books and movies are kind of like that, too. I watched and…

Happy Fiesta, Y'all!

I guess most towns and cities have their own festivals that people look forward to every year. Poteet has the Strawberry Festival every spring. In Hope, Arkansas (my hometown), the fun happens toward the end of summer. The folks there brave the nearly unbearable heat to enjoy the Watermelon Festival. They grow big ol’ melons. They have seed spittin’ contests. In May every year in Little Rock, Arkansas, the good times are all a part of Riverfest. Riverfest, like any great celebration, is about yummy food, cold beer, and amazing music. In Dallas, I guess it’s the Texas State Fair in October. New Orleans, of course, is all about Mardi Gras. Austin seems to have more than its fair share of fun, fun, fun. And then there’s San Antonio.

When I first came to San Antonio, it seemed like there was a different party or festival or celebration every weekend. It was June, 1982, and the dust had finally settled from the previous Fiesta. A few folks were still basking in the afterglow of all the fun…


I am in awe of all the women in my life. Mothers, sisters, wives, friends, daughters, aunts. There are many, many, MANY to consider. Doctors, accountants, lawyers, entrepreneurs, teachers, bankers, realtors, students, cooks, YOU NAME IT. They nurture, inspire, encourage, and amaze me. Don’t get me wrong. I like guys. A lot. I love my brother. We always hug when we first see each other and then again when we say goodbye. But his hugs are nothing like the hugs I get from my sisters. Here’s one of my sisters:

This is Sheila. Last week I was watching her in disbelief as she seemed to have so many balls in the air. She was able to do a few million things in the course of a single day, and still look beautiful doing them. And she still always had a warm smile, a kind word, a sweet kiss, and one of those priceless hugs for those of us within her reach.

Last week our dad had major surgery - bladder and prostate removed because of life-threatening cancer. Sheila’s father-in-law had major surger…